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  • Barrier Breakers
    Barrier Breakers
    Price: $13.00
    Developing a breakthrough spirit is the key to overcoming all the barriers placed in front of you by financial troubles,...
  • The Revealer of Secrets
    The Revealer of Secrets
    Price: $12.00
    The Revealer of Secrets shows you how to hear from God on matters that not only pertain to the broader issues in the wor...
  • Decoding Hell's Propaganda
    Decoding Hell's Propaganda
    Price: $13.00
    Are you being lured into accepting the wrong ideals?  Do you really have the discernment skills needed to weather t...
  • Spiritual A.D.D.
    Spiritual A.D.D.
    Price: $12.00
    Spiritual A.D.D  - Overcoming Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder.  Filled with personal and humorous stories...
  • The Roadmap to Divine Direction
    The Roadmap to Divine Direction
    Price: $12.00
    The Roadmap to Divine Direction - Finding the Will of God in Every Situation.  Everyone wants to locate and walk in...
  • The Daily Prophecy
    The Daily Prophecy
    Price: $14.00
    The Daily Prophecy shares a unique prophetic word - plus much more - for each day of the year. More than a daily devoti...
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Don't Leave God Alone

Price: $12.00
author: Pastor Hank Kunneman

Scripture is filled with stories of people who wouldn't leave God alone, whose cries to Him changed lives---and the course of history. Hank Kunneman shows you how to have that same kind of relationship with your heavenly Father. Discover the secrets to a powerful prayer life. You'll get God's attention---and perhaps change His mind!

Format:Trade Paperback
Published:March 4, 2008
Pages 208    
Published By:Charisma House