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By Brenda Kunneman

Nature Is in Motion

[Friday, October 28]

“Let your words change the course of nature this day and set things in motion that need to be changed. For some things have been formed from words spoken over the course of many years, so it’s time to reverse their direction and speak new words.”

Prophetic Scripture:

And the tongue is a fire…and setteth on fire the course of nature…( James 3:6).

James 3 talks about the power of our tongue and how wrong words can have devastating effects. It probably focuses mostly on the negative side of the tongue, because we have a tendency to be more negative with our words than positive. People tend to speak death far more than life. They will discuss sickness far more than the blessings of health. James 3:6 says our tongue is like a fire. Fire has the ability to spread rapidly and eventually affects things not even in its original vicinity. Our words can spread and affect things we didn’t even expect or perhaps may never even know about. James 3:6 also says, “and setteth on fire the course of nature.” It is saying that our words can literally set nature in motion. If our words can set nature in motion in the negative sense, then they can set it in motion in the positive sense, but those words need time to spread. James also likens our words to the rudder on a ship. Ships can’t be turned in one instant. It may take some time to reverse some things with our words, but nature will adjust to them eventually.

So begin to change things that have been formed by words today, whether they were yours or someone else’s, and allow nature to be set in motion for blessing!


Father, use my words to reverse things that have been set in motion by negative speaking. I ask You to put a watch over my mouth and help me speak the right things that agree with Your Word. I set nature in motion for blessing today. Amen.



Taken from The Daily Prophecy devotional book published by Destiny Image. For a complete collection of Brenda Kunneman's daily prophecies, click here to order The Daily Prophecy.