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By Brenda Kunneman

Enjoy the Fruit of Your Labor

[Friday, November 27]

“I want you to be rewarded for the hard work you do in life, says the Lord. So do not let unnecessary things attack your time, your finances, nor allow occupational stress to prevent you from enjoying the fruit of your labor, says the Lord.”

Prophetic Scripture:

And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God (Ecclesiastes 3:13).

One of life’s tragedies is to work hard and never get ahead. Some people are working as hard as humanly possible, yet something always steals their opportunity to appreciate the results of their efforts. Some people work so hard they are literally workaholics who can never seem to turn off the business day. Others work hours upon end, but never seem to improve their financial position. Then there is yet another group who can’t seem to be free of the mental stress created by their work life. However, it’s God’s will for every hard-working person to enjoy the fruit of their labors. This means something different for everyone. For most people it simply means being able to comfortably pay their bills and still have resources remaining to enjoy some simple pleasures in life. It could also mean enjoying some much-needed time off or simply being able to be mentally free from focusing on work.

There comes a point when we all need to put the demands of life aside and simply enjoy life. God created the world in six days, then looked around and took a full day to appreciate His work. The Lord wants you to enjoy the fruit of your labor too. It’s a gift from Him!


Father, I know that You want me to enjoy the results of my hard work. Help me deal with the areas that want to steal my ability to do so. Thank You, Lord, for the gift of enjoying good things in life. In Jesus’ Name, amen.



Taken from The Daily Prophecy devotional book published by Destiny Image.  For a complete collection of Brenda Kunneman's daily prophecies, click here to order The Daily Prophecy.