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2016 Prophetic Word

Pastor Hank Kunneman

This year you will see My wonderous works!.......

Let it be know that those who decree, speak and look for My goodness will live swimming in My rivers of blessings and increase.

2015 Prophetic Perspectives

Pastor Hank Kunneman

 2015 - The Prophetic “Season” Continues:
The season continues, as much of what has applied before in previous year(s) either still applies or is in the process of manifesting.

2014 Prophetic Perspectives

Pastor Hank Kunneman

2014 - It is the Year of the "Lord's Release"

This Year, in 2014, it will be different!  The Spirit of God says, you have waited, and you have said “God, what does this new year bring?”  I will tell you. . . .

Israel's Prophetic Perspectives

Pastor Hank Kunneman

So I will stand in the midst of Israel and I will protect them and show My wonder. I will show that I am still the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-Israel! The Spirit of the Lord says when they come and they gather in the sea and the ships of Russia, the ships of Syria and Iran and the ships of the United States and that of Israel gather in the waters and men say that this is the end, but the Spirit of God says no, for I tell you there are moments and events that still must take place and when it looks as thou there will be a face-off I will show My face and cause the enemy to be disconfigured. I will cause the enemy to run and I will cause the enemy to be exposed.

2012 Prophetic Perspectives

Pastor Hank Kunneman

Remember the previous Prophetic Perspectives (See 2010 & 2011 on this website) as many events listed are not just a year but a decade of events from 2010 -2020. 
Eruptions and Shakings: – Volcanic eruptions over the next few years across the earth, including the United States. God will shake and break the demonic strongholds of specific regions and nations signifying an eruption of God’s presence in those regions of the Earth. Many shakings of the earth as Jesus prophesied will happen, in very unusual places. The Lord also spoke about the powers of heaven being shaken, (Matthew 24:29). This is a reference to the powers of darkness in the heavenlies. As this takes place of God’s shakings, we will see this on the earth react in various ways by earthquakes, the elements, volcanic eruptions, toppling of governments, riots and removal of political leaders.

2011 Prophetic Perspectives

Pastor Hank Kunneman

It is not just about a year, but about this decade, 2010-2020. Some things prophesied last year are still coming to pass as we move through the current decade.  (See 2010 Prophetic Perspectives)

God’s prophetic purpose still coming to pass that will continue in 2011:
  • The youth will be anointed and arise affecting this generation for the Lord.
  • The Baby Boomer generation will experience salvation and revival.
  • The blizzards, weather elements and record temperatures area sign unto this nation. (See prophetic perspectives 2010 & weather prophecies)
  • The earth and the elements are responding to God’s Glory.
  • Winds of Change are blowing - Legislation will change.
  • Political disorder and changes.
  • Nations to watch and pray – Israel, United States, Russia, China, Iran, North and South Korea.


2010 Prophetic Perspectives

Pastor Hank Kunneman

2010 Is a New Decade and Not Just a New Year:
2010 is a prophetic year
, it is not just a start of a new year but is a start of a new decade. In every decade there are always things that define it and also define the generation. For example, music, movies, events, clothing styles, and mindsets to name a few. This new decade will be defined, as well as marked, as a new season of the young, the youth receiving a touch from the Lord ushering in the glory of God. They will be a part of a change of legislation that will begin to favor the Lord’s righteous cause.


2009 Prophetic Perspectives

Pastor Hank Kunneman

Prophetic Perspective for the Year 2009.  The following is not just for the year 2009, but also for what I believe we are going to see take place not only in 2009 but in a season that we have entered into.  It is not just for a year, but it is for a season. 

Weather Prophecies

Pastor Hank Kunneman

Prophetic Words regarding the Weather.

Snow (1/20/08). The Spirit of God says I look to the earth as you have looked to Me and even today the snow has fallen once again upon the very soil of this city and upon...

Housing and Economy

Pastor Hank Kunneman

February 1, 2006 – (The Housing market on sand will fall!)
I will cause there to be an economical explosion.  Do not be in fear.  Didn't I say that the house built upon sand would fall?  There has been this thing with housing and the market with housing that has escalated...

The prophecy excerpts that are displayed here are not meant to or intended to endorse any political candidate or party. They are only intended to communicate what we feel the Spirit of God is saying to this generation through the use of prophecy..

Prophetic Perspectives is not always updated on specific or regular time tables. New prophecies are only added when we feel directed by the Lord to do so.

All prophecies posted to this website are proven and documented by Lord of Hosts Church and its staff as of the date they are prophesied and are submitted to an outside pastoral board of advisors prior to being posted to the website. The prophecies, which we feel to add, are posted as quickly as possible; however, due to time constraints from the time prophecies are given to the time that they come to pass we cannot always post these in ample time.