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2009 Prophetic Perspectives

Pastor Hank Kunneman

Prophetic Perspective for the Year 2009.  The following is not just for the year 2009, but also for what I believe we are going to see take place not only in 2009 but in a season that we have entered into.  It is not just for a year, but it is for a season. 
God will Bailout His People. There have been many discussions and actions concerning bailouts for companies and corporate America , the banking industries. We as the people of God must not forget that God is going to bailout His people and save them in the day of calamity. The ax head that was detached from the ax handle in 2 kings 6 was brought back and floated and reconnected to the handle by the supernatural hand of God so it could be a building tool again. God is reconnecting this nation and bringing forth restoration and recovery as He did with the ax handle. It was only by His supernatural power that it was possible. Man always seeks for an answer excluding God – but He will show us, His people, that He will bail us out and cause us to be elevated above the talk of recession and economic hardship.
  • January 18, 2009 Prophecy: But the Spirit of God says I want this nation to understand that when My people pray, when My people ask, and when they cry out for Me to heal this nation, then I shall surely answer from the heavens and I will cleanse this nation and I shall heal it. I want you to understand that a sign has been given to this nation. For what they are calling a miracle upon the Hudson is a mystery that I want this nation and those who call upon My name to understand. For surely as it was in the days when the disciples were fishing and gathered their nets and caught 153 fish and so it was that they went into the place of the deep and brought forth the fish and they did come and they did dine and there was a feast says the Lord. And so it was that even what took place upon the Hudson . . . . an airline named US Airways, surely it was destined for destruction, but My hand honored the prayers of the people and this is a sign. I rescued those that were upon the airline that day, and I am rescuing and recovering this nation and I will cause this nation to be raised up from that which the enemy has sought to destroy and I will cause a recovery to take place that this nation will come into a season of dining and rejoicing. God says I am going to release a divine contradiction to what has been said to My church and to those that are righteous.

 For there has been a bailout in the automobile industry and there has been a bailout for the economy and for the housing. Yes, the sign of even US Airways is a sign to the United States that in the airwaves, the heavenlies, there is a great battle taking place between darkness and light, righteous and unrighteous. But there is a shift that is about to take place and is taking place and there is a rescue and a recovery even as it was among those that day – a rescue and a recovery. God says I want you to understand, United States, that the airwaves have been in conflict and the enemy has sought as he did with those passengers to bring destruction to this nation. But God says there is rescue and recovery and there will be one miracle after another. I will show this nation that they are still upon My heart and I am bringing as a Father, for I am the Father of the nations and a father to this nation. So lift up your heads and set your affections upon the things that are above where Christ is seated and know this, all is well for those in the Kingdom!

2009 A Year of Shaking (The powers of Heaven will be shaken and the Earth).  This year will mark a continual season of shakings in the Heavens and the Earth.  There will be great blessings for the Lord’s church.  A greater separation will take place from those who are of the Lord’s Kingdom and those who are not.  In Luke 21, Jesus foretold that men’s hearts would fail them for fear because they will look after the things coming upon the earth.  We have a choice:  the fear of the day, or the fear of the Lord!
  • Shaking in political – More scandals, corruption and continued struggles to show that no man is the answer; but God alone is the answer. Leaders will arise and some quickly fall as the political world will be continually shaken.
  • Media – God is going to shake them. The same media outlets that have been used of the enemy against the Lord, righteousness, and Christians will have to report the powerful person and name of the Lord Jesus as He shows tremendous feats and signs in the earth.  Watch for a large buyout of a network because of the shakings of the Lord.
  • Hollywood - More chaos in Hollywood that results in marriage failures and upheavals that cause many to be saved and others shaken in their beliefs.  Many conversions to Jesus Christ among those in Hollywood , while others will scratch their heads and not understand the shaking around them and why things are out of array in their lives in Hollywood .  Others will continue in more blatant sin and speaking out against God.
  •  MedicalThe medical industry will be shaken as well as the pharmaceutical area as God is bringing forth new discoveries, technologies and reform that will cause it to rain healing upon the just and the unjust as we have entered into a new season of acceleration in healings and miracles.

They will say that some poison produces life!  Medical discoveries and a great acceleration of healing as God is declaring that He will rain healing upon the just and the unjust.  A new and greater wave of healing will hit the church and will be released by God’s mercy upon the unjust and to the medical industry. The goodness of God leading men to repentance through healing. God is the healer!

December 14, 2008 Prophecy Now listen for in the days of old when there was great famine in the land and there was poison that was thrown into the pot and surely they said there was death in the pot, God says what shall come forth from the very plant, for they will look and they will say but it is infiltrated with poison and it cannot produce good for if you eat it and put it within your body it will kill you. But God says not so, for I will bring a mystery, for there is a discovery that is about to take place concerning as it was in the days of the prophet and the gourd, that there is something significant that I am going to reveal that shall bring a cure in the medical industry and they will surely say how did we not know this, for we assumed it was poison and we did not know that it had the power to neutralize cancer.  God says I will cause this discovery to break forth across this nation for truly medical discoveries shall come in a new way says the Lord!

  • Automobile – The automobile industry is being shaken to bring about a new industrial revolution of technology and energy.  The automobile industry will have to embrace the new way. 

July 30, 2006 Prophecy: I will not allow My people of this nation to be robbed while others fatten their pockets.  I will begin to shift this with something very unusual that I am about to do that has to do with the automobile industry and with the oil of your nation.  There is coming technology and resources that is coming,” and God says, “You are going to look to the other nations and say ‘why did we depend on them before – we don’t’ need them.’” God says, “I’m going to cause you, America , to not stand in the shadow of another nation!  Rejoice!”

December 14, 2008 Prophecy: For then they will say this, what about the automobile industry? For God says there will be a merging and there will be something that will be done in this nation in the automobile industry that has never been done. They will join forces and they will say that surely because they cannot make it on their own they will merge their corporations and this will be a sign unto this nation for even as they have said they need a bail-out, they have spoken and said they are going under. God says I have allowed this to take place that My goodness would come to the automobile industry to force them to embark upon the technologies and the discoveries that are about to come upon this nation. For surely they will look and say how did we not know that it was right under our nose; how did we not know and understand that God equipped this nation with the very sources that it needs to be self-sufficient? And then they will say, we will change, we will change the way we build and we will change the price that we sell. And America you will see a change that will begin to come and, yes, it will be in the automobile industry. . . .

January 4, 2009 Prophecy: Things that have been held back by politicians and that which they have been afraid to reveal shall be known now. Science shall bring forth great discoveries and great technology shall begin to take place. And, yes, the automobile industry – watch what begins to take place. For once again I will visit this nation by the way of a technological advancement and technology that has not been done, God says, in modern time.
  • Economy – Gas prices will try to go up but will continue to go down and steady off. Gas prices will go down and try to climb but will be steadied and will not be the sole focus as much as alternate energy available and pursued in this nation.

God is not forsaking this nation!  God is a good Father and the Father of nations including the USA God will not be mocked!!!  God is going to show Himself strong to those that hate Him and mock Him.  He will not be stopped in the things that He desires to bring forth by way of revival in this nation.
  • 400 years – Jamestown , a John raised, abortion, and killing of babies happened after. God chastises those that He loves and He loves the USA . Watch for the chastising of the Lord because of the choices of man, especially when it comes to moral issues in our nation; a chastising will bring about a necessary change to produce an end result of blessings and restoration.
    • In 2007 America celebrated 400 years since the first Christian colony, Jamestown was founded in our nation. There was also a 400 year span of darkness of the children of Israel when they were in bondage to Egypt as well as 400 years of silence between Malachi and John the Baptist. This is important to realize because in both cases God raised up a deliverer – notice it is in the dark seasons or times that God has been known to work His hands of blessings. Even though the killing of the unborn and the young happened in both, God was working a mystery and raising up a deliverer.

February 1, 2009 Prophecy:  God says listen to this that I would speak by My Spirit to this congregation, and even unto this nation. For there are many that have looked and asked what shall take place concerning the days ahead, for they speak and say recession.  Then they shall speak and say depression.  But God says I want you to understand that there is always a mystery.  There is always that which I do that man within their mortal minds does not understand or comprehend.  Even spirits of darkness do not understand mysteries. For I have declared that unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, how can it bear fruit. For if the enemies of darkness understood the mystery that was in Christ they would have never crucified the Son of God.

And so it is that there is a mystery unto this nation, for they look and only see darkness but they do not understand the mystery of even creation. That when it was dark, it was the beginning of My day; for even the evening and the morning were the days of the Lord. And so it is in this nation that though it looks and is predicted that darkness and great darkness shall cover this nation, know that I am working on behalf of the righteous and I am honoring seeds of the forefathers that prayed and wept unto this nation.

So men would look and ask about the killing of the unborn. This is that which grieves the heart of the father and many in this nation.  But therein too is a mystery that is about to arise concerning the seed. For even in the days of Moses and days of Christ when the spirits of abortion came to murder and to destroy those that were of 2 years of age and younger.  Did they not understand that a mystery would arise and a deliverer would come? And a Deliverer was being protected by the Lord Most High.  So it is in this nation, yes the blood shed has brought chastising; but know there is a mystery that is arising, I will honor My people and the Kingdom and I will honor the resources of those who have been connected with Me.

I will surely raise up deliverance and shall surely raise up to pay back what the enemy has done to cause murder in the wombs of women. For surely deliverance will come and I will pay back this nation.  Watch of the great reports of those who could not conceive and those who medical science says cannot conceive.  God says I will bring back a reward and cause life to come into the wombs of those who could not conceive. There will be those even within their blood line and generations that never had (to their knowledge) twins or triplets; I will pay back this nation. Watch what I am about to do, a seed is arising as it was in the days when Isaac sowed his seed in famine there was a 100 fold return in the same year. Continue to understand the mystery that is in the seed and watch what I do to raise up My people to bring a divine separation and divine contradiction to what they say and what they have reported.

They shall surely know there is a difference to those who are in My Kingdom and those who dishonor Me!
  • The sign of Jonah – whales. Matthew 12:39-41, a wicked and perverse generation seeks for a sign. No sign will be given but the sign of Jonah (whale, paraphrased). This is significant because their generation was considered wicked and perverse and that no sign would be given but the sign of Jonah. In recent years there have been sightings of whales in unusual waters (places/cities). Watch for this to continue to happen with whales. Can this be a sign to this generation of these whale appearances? If we will pray for our nation, God will bring healing, revival and reformation to this nation as He did with Nineveh  
    •  Unusual whale sightings in the New York Harbor and San Francisco Bay .

WATCH THE ELEMENTS AGAIN!  Extreme change and weather causing great fear.  An unusual wind will blow through the spring.  Storms with fury shall cause many to fear.  We must continue to speak to the storms as Jesus instructed His disciples. A torrent wind will continue.  Record low and highs will continue. The opposite will be seen where it is cold it will be warm where it is warm it will be cooler.  Snow where it doesn’t usually snow (read previous prophecies and prophetic perspective posts and also a year of ice storms and great sheets of ice will break off the waters.  Floods will break levies and the earth plates will greatly shift.  What many will call and consider global warming because of the elements, we must never forget “global sinning!”, causing the earth and the elements to react. (Note: see Weather Prophecies for more information).

The Year of Fires, Floods and Great Shakings.  A great wind and there will be a great shaking in the earth and many shakings of the earth’s soil (a year of fires, floods, shakings, and wind. The elements have a two-fold meaning.  The San Francisco earthquake and the
Azusa Street
revival on the same day (April 18, 1906)! The earth is groaning under the weight of sin as the earth was never designed to be sin filled and ridden.  The elements reveal the mercy and redemptive plan of God if we pray and repent.  The elements reveal that the foundation of this nation is off.  It is meant to be built upon Jesus Christ – it was built by our founding forefathers to be upon Jesus Christ and Christianity – As Jesus said in Matthew 7 that when the foundation is wrong and built upon sand that when the winds and elements come it will be shaken, but if it is turned back to its true foundation it will not be affected by the elements. (Note: see Weather Prophecies for more information)
Our country was not built on sand, but was built and dedicated to Jesus Christ and this is the foundation now and forever.  This nation will continue to experience fires, floods, rain, wind, shakings and floods to return it to its proper foundation of Christianity and the Christ.  Fires, floods, wind, rains, shakings, all speak of revival and redemption and to further show the foundation is off. The elements of Matthew 7 produced natural and supernatural meanings. 

Israel will be Greatly Protected.  An evil thing will be exposed and stopped as God strikes His fist twice - once to the left and once to the right causing the nations to be exposed in their efforts in attacking Israel which will be stopped by God.  Israel shall be transformed in its leadership and greatly protected as God shows that He still has a covenant with Israel and Jerusalem .  They will be pushed for war but God will arise and defend; and three nations will experience the defeat and supernatural interventions in favor of Israel Iran will pound its fist in anger and continue to threaten war against Israel , but God will intervene in the arrows that fly by day and the fear that would come in the night against Israel .  Watch God protect the apple of His eye as many eyes will be upon Israel and God’s dealing with nations that rise up against them. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem ; stand with Israel and pray for them. 
YEAR OF IDEAS AND DISCOVERIES: A New Industrial Revolution!
 Isaiah 1:19 - We must be willing and obedient to the Lord.
Colossians 4:2 – We must watch and pray; be devoted to prayer – 1 Kings 18, watch and pray.
Genesis 26 - Keep sowing in recession – God will give ideas and discoveries as we sow/give.
Watch as great discoveries and technologies will be discovered and brought forth in the very resources and places in this nation. Some have been hidden until this day where it is being unveiled by the blessings of God in the United States

December 14, 2008 Prophecy: For surely very soon they will ask what is in the water and what has been discovered in the very soil and water of this nation. For surely, God says, even centuries ago when men came and dedicated this nation to Me and their tears soaked the soils of this land, they did not understand that there is yet a mystery that is concealed in the water, concealed in the rock, concealed in the soil, and concealed in the air. And the Spirit of God says, I in this day will begin to show this nation that there is a mystery that is about to come; technology that is about to be released, and new discoveries that shall begin to come to this nation. And surely they will stand upon the soil of this land, the United States , and they will look to the other nations and surely they will say that God is good unto us for the United States . For this is a new day that I am beginning to bring upon this land.

But know that 2009 represents an unveiling of discoveries; 2009 represents a season of My goodness that is coming over this nation where you will say that surely you did not know that this could be discovered, surely we did not know that this land possessed this. And they will say upon the very screens of the airwaves that there are ancient secrets and ancient things that have been discovered and they will ask how it could be because it conflicts with what history has told us concerning this nation. How could it be that this was discovered? How could this be that this was found in our very soil even before what we have recorded? And God says because even centuries ago the mystery was already sown.

January 4, 2009 Prophecy:  It is a season of rejoicing. It is the season of celebration. It is the season not to look at what was but to embrace and to perceive what shall be. For even as it was in the days of old, in the turn of a century, that there was an industrial revolution that took place upon this nation. And so it was that there a transformation that took place in the medical. A transformation that took place in technology and the automobile and farming. God says many today around the earth enjoy the benefits of that revolution. But I want you to understand that the things that are taking place in this nation are short lived. The things that you are facing are to bring transformation once again and a new season to come to you, America .

You ask what the season is. God says look into the future. For surely as it was before it shall be again. But this time there is a revolution of economic; a revolution, God says, of technology. This is a revolution different than before. You will once again see breakthroughs upon this nation that shall come in the area of medical. For there will be great discoveries taking place in the medical industry. Things that have been held back by politicians and that which they have been afraid to reveal shall be known now. Science shall bring forth great discoveries and great technology shall begin to take place. And, yes, the automobile industry – watch what begins to take place. For once again I will visit this nation by the way of a technological advancement and technology that has not been done, God says, in modern time.
Knowledge shall be increased and once again they shall surely say that there are new discoveries; there are new options for energy. Watch what takes place with microbiology. Watch what takes place through hydrogen. Watch what takes place, the Spirit of God says, unto the soil of your very earth and the soils of the United States, for in it is treasure – in it is the pearl of great price; in it are hidden things that are yet to be discovered that shall thrust you, America, into a whole new revolution and other nations shall drop their mouths and shall say “surely how has it taken place in America, we thought that their days were over”. But God says a new season has come unto this nation – a revolution shall come and be decreed in this day! Rejoice says the Spirit of God! 
Blackouts are a sign in this nation.  A sign of the spiritual darkness and light upon the USA . It will reveal the divine separation happening between the Kingdom of God and those of the kingdom of darkness and this world.  When plagues and darkness were upon Pharaoh and Moses in the days of Egypt it was light in Goshen where the Children of Israel lived; this reveals a divine separation of light and darkness, righteous and unrighteous.  These black outs will be a natural sign of territories of Matthew 4:26, an awakening.  Those that sat in darkness saw a great light. God will continue to bless this nation by bringing it into transition; transformation by favoring His children of light. These blackouts over the next few years will reveal a divine separation of God and also a divine contradiction to the things that they are saying regarding the downfall of this nation and its continual struggles. God will remember His people and light will break forth upon them. 
  • December 17, 2008 Prophecy: . The Lord began to show me the United States and I heard these words, that there will be a great blackout. I saw a blackout and could see where people were panicking.
  • HONOLULU (AP) — USA Today (12/28/2008) Almost all of Oahu had electrical power restored Saturday after a power failure blacked out the island's population of about 900,000 and thousands of visitors including President-elect Barack Obama.
 The Presidency.  Pray, pray, pray for this administration! The prophets must prophecy and the people must pray for this president. Like in 1 Kings 17 with Elijah and his servant.  This will release supernatural dreams and revelations of the Lord to the Oval Office.  This is not the season to complain.  God will show this nation and this president that God alone is the Messiah and is to be worshipped.  This is why a sign was given with the first person added to this new administration as the Chief of Staff; he is named Emmanuel.  This is because if we, the church, will pray as we are instructed in 1 Chronicles 7:14, God will be Emanuel which means God is with us; meaning God with us to this president and this nation.  Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel and young Hebrew boys changed a king and the destiny of a nation. God hid the outcome of this election from many, allowing us to go from a birthing season to a death season in the economy; and current turmoil to a resurrection where it will be raised up where no man will receive the glory or be called the messiah but God alone!  Watch how the lord will use this administration by giving it many energy and technology options.

December 28, 2008 Prophecy:  My honor is coming in a greater way and I will come and I will speak to the leaders of nations for I spoke to Nebuchadnezzar and I spoke to Belshazzar and I will speak to this president that has been appointed in your nation. For surely some have said God what shall we do now that this president has been elected. The Spirit of God says I tell you that the prophets must prophesy and the servants must put their heads in a position of prayer as the servant did in the day of Elijah and when he prayed there was a sign given out of the heavens and surely they looked up and said they see a cloud the size of a man’s hand and so it will be as the prophets prophesy as the people pray that visitations of the Lord and dreams will come to this president.  You ask how it will come, God says I visited Pontius Pilate’s wife in a dream and I visited Nebuchadnezzar in a dream and I wrote handwriting upon the walls of Belshazzar and so it shall be in the secret place of the Oval Office I will begin to invade by the prayers of the people and there shall be a visitation of the Lord that shall come to this president and his wife.

Russia the Bear is Coming out of Hibernation! Russia will flex its muscles before the world; aligning with many nations. Watch South and Central America, and the Caribbean .  Showing off military might and introducing new military technology and armory.  President Kennedy had to face the Bay of Pigs with Russia and Cuba and the Latin world.  This same demonic spirit is trying to raise its head again as it seeks alliance with the Caribbean and Latin nations in South and Central America, looking for those nations and leaders that will align with Russia and communism.  This new president in the USA will perhaps have to face the same situations as the days of Kennedy with Russia, as Russia the Bear (with the influence of this spirit) seeks to flex its muscles and to establish a new foothold in the nations to once again gain a stronger influence to intimidate the USA and the free Latin world.
2009 a Year of Transformation and Change Marks a Season of Great and Sudden Change. God will change things and us so He can receive the glory.  Great change is coming and God is expecting us to examine ourselves to bring change needed to produce His glory.  Things will change quickly and suddenly. Political maps of nations will change.  Change of ruler-ship quickly over nations. Wars will be quickly declared and quickly end.  The economy will change suddenly, new technology will come suddenly and medical discoveries will come suddenly. Sudden deaths of leaders and those of influence as a change of guard and intolerance of the Lord will cause these sudden changes.  Changes and transformation in the automobile industry as a merger happens and they are forced to embark on new alternatives for energy. The same will be true as this president will have to consider new energy and technology. Watch the USA as a new season, like it was in the great Industrial Revolution, there will be a transformation revolution that will bring this nation into sudden changes, discoveries and technology. These changes are happening to bring an end result of greater glory.
Where are the Other Nine in ‘09!  God is declaring this year as a year of the fear of the Lord and transformation.  Great fear will enter the earth greater because of the wars and rumors of wars, the earth in perplexity and the elements seeming fierce and out of control, also such sudden change in leadership.  All of this was prophesied by Jesus that it would happen in the last days. We are not to fear.  We are to give thanks in everything and rejoice evermore because we are not of this world.  Our hope and trust is not in the earth!  God is looking for us like the other nine (9) lepers who were healed in Scripture but were not made whole because they didn’t come back and give thanks like one man did.  God wants us to do this, as He wanted with the 9 lepers, so He can completely change and transform our lives.  We need to be in a season of glory and honor to God by thanksgiving and coming back to Him. Our hope, trust and strength is in our rejoicing and giving thanks to God this year no matter what happens in the earth, economy or nations. Rejoice this year for their will be many things to try to afflict a nation with worry and fear and steal their joy.  Your joy is your strength and your laughter is this nation’s deliverance.
A Year of the Fear of the Lord – A season to get serious about your Christianity. This is a year of the fear of the Lord, a time to restore honor to Him and to others.
  • Psalm 84:11For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.
  • God is restoring His people back to their first love and the joy of their salvation.

Signs in the Heavens and Wonders on the Earth.  Jesus said the powers of heaven will be shaken in Luke 21:26, we have seen shakings upon the earth but have we really seen the powers of heaven shaking as we are going to. Watch for incredible and very unusual signs in the heavens. New discoveries in science and astronomy; signs with the sun that will cause great discussion. Things will be written in the newspapers and on the media as they won’t be able to explain the unusual signs in the heavens as God uses this to bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ while others try to explain it away.