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2012 Prophetic Perspectives

Pastor Hank Kunneman

Remember the previous Prophetic Perspectives (See 2010 & 2011 on this website) as many events listed are not just a year but a decade of events from 2010 -2020. Again, they are my perspectives, prophetically speaking.

Eruptions and Shakings:
Volcanic eruptions over the next few years across the earth, including the United States. God will shake and break the demonic strongholds of specific regions and nations signifying an eruption of God’s presence in those regions of the earth. Many shakings of the earth, as Jesus prophesied, will happen in very unusual places. The Lord also spoke about the powers of heaven being shaken (Matthew 24:29), this is a reference to the powers of darkness in the heavenlies. As this takes place, of God’s shakings, we will see a reaction on the earth in various ways by earthquakes, the elements, volcanic eruptions, toppling of governments, riots and removal of political leaders.
Nations in Conflict:
We will see what Jesus prophesied about concerning wars, rumors of wars, and nations in perplexity (Matthew 24; Luke 17). This will be seen in various nations especially the Middle East and Russia who will seek to revisit the idea of occupancy over nations once in their domain.
Israel:  Will enter into a season of conflict with other nations as God will rise up to protect them, strengthen them, defend them, and show His might through them.
The demonic spirit of Persia (Daniel 10:20):  Will be given a great blow from the hand of the Lord causing a stir and uprisings in nations under its wicked influence. This will cause continual shakings of Islam, governments, riots and regime changes in these nations under the spirit of Persia's stronghold.
The demonic spirit of Grecia:  In addition, as Daniel 10:20 reveals, we will see the nations now under the demonic reign of the evil spirit called the Prince of Grecia seek to raise their head. Nations under this influence experience conflict, economic and financial shakings. God will deal with the secular spirit of humanism as the spirit of Grecia is weakened.
The cord of three strands anchored by Russia: (Syria, Iran, Egypt.) These nations align themselves to threaten, maneuver, and display military might that will be anchored and influenced by Russia against Israel. God will shine His light and expose these efforts and His distaste for their actions and treatment of Israel.
Nations acting like “Goliath” will fall and Israel’s Prime Minister is God’s bulwark:  Goliath in scripture was considered great and unbeatable until David was anointed by God to defeat him. The current prime minister of Israel has been chosen by the Lord to deal wisely with Israel’s enemies and bring victory to Israel. He is a bulwark that will not be moved in times of trouble. He is God’s man for God’s land and those that rise up against Israel under his command will fall.
Military display in the waters (War games to bring intimidation and threats):

---  Russia and China will more openly and publicly display their armor and weaponry. China reveals weaponry not seen before, revealing how much military buildup has been happening to the surprise of other nations. Russia becomes more aggressive in military advancement in developing greater military might and ignoring certain arms agreements.

----  An evil alliance of planning, discussing and maneuvering of China and Russia against Israel will be exposed.
----  A display of military ships and armory will face off from various nations around the waters of Israel to try to intimidate and threaten them, signaling tensions of war.
----  Russia the Bear comes out of hibernation and backs nations that are enemies of Israel and the U.S.A.
----  China breathes fires of threats and intimidation until their own internal shakings including their government and economy will quit them for a season.
----  Iran continues speaking great threats and seeking to continue their agenda to produce nuclear weapons until their plans are foiled by Israel and eventually the United States.
More regime changes:
Regime changes will continue and escalate. Leaders of nations removed and others replaced to only be removed again. Youth will continue many demonstrations that lead to the continued toppling of governments. A few nations to keep our eye on for continuing or future uprisings are Syria, Iran, Egypt, China, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Algeria, and Russia.
The Youth: The youth march, demonstrate, and celebrate openly and will be used to topple governments and set the tone for this decade. New music, new sounds, new expressions, new nations, new leadership, and new converts to Jesus from the uprising of the youth.
The United States of America:
Hiccups in the economy: America on its way to strength and revitalization experiences a few more challenges or “hiccups” economically. Why a reference to hiccups? It refers to the reactions of some as America faces further challenges for a season. Hiccups are a nuisance and people try different methods to get rid of them. Some hold their breath, some use sugar or something sweet many times to no avail. America’s economy will recover but not without challenges when future leadership is positioned in the right timing to reverse it.
240th year of America’s reign: The condition of this nation will seem as though it continues on a decline but eventually levels off which leads to a much needed reform. This reform positively affects the nation politically, socially, economically, spiritually and legislatively. 2016 is marked for signs of this reform as it will be the 240th year of America’s independence.  Leading up to this year and in this year reform begins taking shape. Many good changes for the nations are unveiled leading to a resurgence of strength and recovery.
Prophecy given on October 27, 2010 (Previous Prophetic Perspective prophecy listed in 2011) - The Spirit of God says, many in your land shall then say, “Give us a new president.” God says do you understand that by 2016 and thereafter is when an unusual plan will be unveiled over this nation. Lost ground shall be gained back and I will restore says the Lord. A party of tea shall greatly attribute to the events of 2016. You say "what about 2012" God says don’t fear for light is coming, light is coming, restoration is coming and by 2016 you will see the change, the restoration you have prayed for. Your economy will change, your schools will change, legislation will change and be rewritten, and a call for righteousness and an awakening of the hearts of men unto me and righteousness shall begin to come over your land. One by one, little by little, then suddenly it will burst forth.
America’s course: God has been displeased and has distaste toward many of the decisions and direction that America has chosen. Nevertheless, God hasn’t forgotten this nation and through the current events, challenges, and many who govern with methods contrary to His ways or the foundation of this Nation. These things are to cause the people of this nation to cry out to Him. When certain negative challenges and events take place in a nation it reflects the Lord's displeasure and causes people to cry out to Him. America’s course still remains in this season in the hands of the will of the people. What will we choose? However, God is listening to those who are praying, desiring to turn this nation around and bring reform that we will see taking shape as we call out to Him.
Women leadership: The Statue of Liberty displays the symbol of America’s freedom. It is a woman holding a torch. Prophetically God is raising up women to hold a special place in the future of this nation, making history. Just as the Statue of Liberty holds a torch, in the same way women are being appointed to pass the torch to a younger generation. This causes laws to change, including abortion laws for the good of America. Women gain a greater voice and influence which eventually leads to a female who will lead from the White House. The woman will be given the power and influence that will break certain demonic strongholds that have been on this land resulting in continued reform for America.
The Church in 2012:
A year of getting things in order in our lives, and a fresh fire for things of God. The fire of the Lord separates the Christian who lives to compromise their Christian values and those who refuse to do so. Year of many changes in the earth that will be combined with both fear and peace. Don’t be thrown off track by people, places, or things that lead some to loosen their Christian values and morals, distancing them further from the fear of the Lord.
The year of the open door: Heaven brings opportunities for blessing, provision and health to those who seek the Lord and desire to walk uprightly. A key to doors of breakthrough are given to those who seek the Lord and make fasting and holy living part of their walk with the Lord.
A divine separation: – The uprising in Egypt recently was a prophetic sign of separation. A divine separation between the saved and unsaved. In the Bible when God separated Egypt and Israel, Israel was blessed while Egypt was brought into challenges. Yet, God favored His people bringing them out of bondage with a “divine separation" of His favor! (Exodus 12:35-36)
The year of the trumpet: - Prophetic decrees, announcements and declarations must be made now over the earth, the nations, cities and people of God. What is declared from our mouths and times of prayer will be taken up into the hands of angels and released over the earth and specified territories like a blast of a trumpet. The earth, the nations, and the church are ripe for change, we must declare it!
Mysteries revealed in the Sun, Moon, and Stars:
Signs in the heavens continue as images and objects are revealed that are not explained.  God made the heavens to display His wonders as they are seen with unusual displays in the sun, moon, stars and space.
The Dairy and The Meat:
Fear and recalls over the next few years are seen in the dairy and meat industry in large proportions.
Resurgence of Viruses and Plagues:
A resurgence of a virus in times past will break out sending alarm and panic, but the fear and discussion of it will outweigh the effect of it. The talk of a threat of the “bird flu" and "pig flu” will regain discussion as a possible resurging threat. Increased medical breakthroughs and God powerfully and graciously displaying His protecting, healing hand give comfort to many.
The Three Curtains/Veils Coming Down:
We saw the iron curtain of communism fall suddenly and powerfully in a short period of time. Now three curtains, or veils, will be shaken leading to changes in governments, leaders and nations quickly opening a new and greater openness and acceptance of the gospel of Jesus Christ. These three curtains/veils are:
The “Islamic curtain” – Many who follow Islam will turn to Jesus calling Him Lord. Islamic nations are in political chaos and reshaping to open the way for the gospel.
The “Bamboo curtain” – The Asian nations specifically experience political, economic and natural shakings that lead to an historic spiritual reform, making the way for Jesus to be exalted in Asia, specifically China, Korea and the isle of Japan.
The “Veil over the Jews” – Celebration will be widespread across Israel with many Jews calling upon “Yeshua” as savior and Lord. A spiritual veil removed from the Jewish people leading to a revival of “Messianic” Jews across Israel, USA, and the earth.
The Nations:
China - A shaking will come to the soil, the economy and to the governing powers making a way and revisiting of Tiananmen Square in the future.
Syria – A regime change and a leader that flees. War within their hearts and plans against Israel shall be utterly shaken and fall. The hand of God brings His fist upon the soil and plans that involve His people, Israel, stopping Syria in its tracks.
Iran – The youth arise and a change in your government is eminent. A strike upon Iran’s soil will set them back in their plans to spoil and annihilate Israel. What has been planned and partnered with two other nations, Syria and Egypt, anchored by Russia will be shaken and resisted by the Holy One of Israel. Iran becomes the predominant boisterous nation speaking threats and seeking to affect the earth's oil. Iran becomes the focus of Israel but also the U.S.A. as diplomacy and sanctions toward them are only limited for a season until further action is more aggressively taken.
Egypt – A new leader arises, then the people arise again as a repeated cycle continues. Continued unrest in the seat of government until the will of the people who have called on the name of the Lord will manifest. The cry of many who know Jesus is not going unnoticed or unheard by the Lord. God will answer the people of Egypt as a process shall play out as the government and nation are shaken with countless numbers turning to the Lord.
Israel – Isaiah 27:6 - Israel shall blossom and bud and fill the face of the world with fruit. The time for Israel to blossom is at hand. They will not need to rely upon another but God alone. The Lord shows Israel and the nations of the earth Israel’s strength, beauty and provision. Israel will give to the world and share what has been discovered with the earth. Salvation and oil of the spirit was freely given and brought forth from the place of Israel first. Now once again God will bring salvation found in Israel’s many resources and discoveries to the nations. The oil of healing manifests as breakthrough in medical science and cancer come from within Israel to bless the earth.
---  The place where it is salty and bitter will yield a reward:  The prophet Elisha poured salt in the waters to purify them. Something good came from the place that was considered bitter. Yet, now once again God looks at Israel’s Dead Sea, their salty waters and pours forth that which will come forth and bless the earth so sweetly. Wisdom will be understood and knowledge applied to simply turn from the place of bitter, salty water to that which is sweet and pure.
**It will be found that the Dead Sea yields many resources in fruitful produce, oil and natural gas discovered and distributed around the place of the salt.
--- Cancer and medical breakthroughs to bless the earth will come from Israel. An Angel touched the waters in the days of the “Pool of Bethesda” in Israel to bring healing for the world. Once again from Israel the Lord has sent His angel servants to bring healing to the earth in the natural and spiritual.

--- God is going to display His wonders and protect Israel. The current leader is a bulwark chosen from his birth. God is Israel’s defense and will display His wonders as He did in the days of Israel’s enemies with Pharaoh. It was God who removed their weaponry as the chariot wheels and the armies of Pharaoh were drowned. The Lord of Hosts will do the same to the armies and their weaponry that seek to rise against Israel in this day. Israel will not fail or be harmed as God exonerates them before all the Earth. Israel will be the focus much in 2012.

Japan – (Prophecy June 27, 2007)  God says, watch the island of Japan for an explosion of an awakening of salvation shall begin to come to you! Do not fear Japan when your soils shall shake and your waters shall rise. This is a sign to you that a shaking and a spiritual awakening has begun
--- Even though Japan’s ground has shaken and the waters rose. God is rebuilding, restoring and uniting Japan as something beloved of God. A season of reform, revival and restoration is upon them. What is taking place will bring salvation and a calling upon the Name of the Lord that has never been seen before in the history of this nation. God is not bringing destruction but His arms are open wide to restore you and heal you, Japan.