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2014 Prophetic Perspectives

Pastor Hank Kunneman

 2014 – It is the Year of the “Lord's Release”

 “2014 Year of Release” Prophecy spoken on 9/21/13 - The Spirit of God says tonight you have come into this place not by accident. For even as today marks a change of season, the season of frustration, sorrow, delay, unanswered prayer, sickness, disease, and the things that have afflicted you. The Spirit of God says this season is coming to an end for My people! For even as those who understand the festivals that are mine, the New Year that has been celebrated in the land of the Apple of My Eye, for this marks a new season for you and for those in the earth. A day of change, a new season, a New Year; even as 2014 shall quickly be upon this earth it shall be known and herald even this night as the year of release. I will release My people. I will release them and there shall be great victory. There shall be great celebration and where there have been seasons of war of those who have been pressed at the hand of the enemy, the Spirit of God says I will release My people and bring them into a great feast of celebration says the Lord!

This year, in 2014, it will be different!
  • Prophecy spoken 12/31/2013 - The Spirit of God says, you have waited, and you have said “God, what does this new year bring?”  I will tell you tonight. For many have been afflicted and suffered enough and so I say to those who are looking for change, it is promised, it shall come, for this year I will gather My people as the Son of God gathered the children into His arms while the critics said “quiet the children” and tried to stop a blessing. So there has been much that has tried to stop My people, but this year I will gather My people into My arms and I will bless them. I will release the promises, I will release the things that they have asked for; and as the Son of God gathered the children and blessed them and then released them, I shall send you forth this year not only with blessing, but with a release of My blessing.
  • Things will be better, a divine separation will come marked by God’s abundant favor.

  • Things will get better for many and they will see that the struggles they have been facing will be removed from them as things get easier.


The Spiritual Significance of this Year Being 2014:
  • 14 is the number for release, deliverance, salvation.
  • It is the year of release from bondage, sickness, poverty, and our enemies.  Exodus 12 – on the 14th day!
1. He released them from oppression.
2. He healed them.
3. He released them from debt.
  • A year of release from some of the storms/trials we have been in – Acts 27:33-34,  Paul delivered from storms after 14 days.
  • The year of stolen things released and returned!  Genesis 14 – in the 14th year Abraham’s nephew Lot was released! Stolen things returned, and deliverance/release!
  • It is a year of release from the things that we have had to work so hard for without seeing the promise or seemed results.  Genesis 31:41 – After 14 years of working for Laban to be able to marry his daughter, Rachel finally the 14th year she becomes his wife.
This Year You will Hold Your Promise:
Your blessings, a year God will give and bring answers to those who have asked.
God is Visiting the Family Lineages:
----Household salvations.
----Generational iniquity and infirmities broken.
----Breaking and dealing with generation curses/infirmities and iniquities. 2014 is about God visiting our families to break curses and infirmities, from both people and nations, and releasing us into blessing and healing. Matthew 1:1-17.
2014 God is Transferring His Blessings; Open Doors, New Doors, and a Release of Prosperity will Suddenly Come.
----Some will see wealth transfers, while others experience sudden debt cancelations, financial gain, investment rewards, and God bringing a return to the seeds they have sown into His Kingdom.
----Currency of nations will begin to change, new currency, revaluing and the value of silver and gold will increase.
A Three-Fold Cord not easily Broken in 2014 – Will begin to Change Because of Prayer:

 Prophecy spoken 1/19/14 - For there is a cord of three strands that the enemy says it will not be broken, for he has his hands in these three. He says, I will bring fear once again upon the economy and I will cause this nation, the enemy says, to be afraid of currency. The Spirit of God says I raise up a standard, watch what I do concerning the currency of this nation and the nations of the earth. I will confound those that strategize and those who have even studied economic strategies and I will release discoveries, technology that has been held back that will stimulate the economy and revalue the currency across the nations. And gold, in its time, shall have its value again. Do not believe those who are speaking to bring fear, for through prayer this of three strands can’t be broken as a revaluing of currency shall suddenly come and release a transfer of wealth to those who understand.

The enemy has stood with pride over this nation and said “we will rule with a strong hand. We will legislate our agenda.” The Spirit of God says they are but fools. Do I not have the say as the Lord of all? So I just wait until they think in their pride that they have reached their agenda. God says, this cord shall be broken too, for I will cause there to be, in the right season of time, the changing of legislation that has been penned by the arrogancy of man. I will cause, this year, political corruption to be exposed; scandals will be brought to the light.

They say, “what is this? We are in great fear of this weather.” God said I told you it would be the year of extremes. The weather would be extreme, but this too can be broken. The Spirit of God says, this too can be broken. Some say, “yes, but the plates, the big one shall come and shall cause the land to be split away and be caught into the sea.” The spirit of God says, I put My feet upon the plates of this nation. I uphold all things by the word of My power, it shall not be of the sort, but I will cause the ground to shake and the mountains to blow their tops as but a sign. Watch where it shakes, they will say “this is unusual, this is but strange, and there is not even a fault line here.” God says, I will do it to mess with men’s minds.


2014 – Many signs given, especially signs in the Heavens and Wonders on the Earth:
  • Prophecy spoken 12/31/13 - For this year will be different. This year I will accelerate grace, I will accelerate favor. I will bring blessings quickly and suddenly to those who watch and wait. For there will be many signs and many things that will be done this year, for I tell you a truth, the first six months of this year the voice of fear shall speak loud globally across the earth and shall cause men’s hearts to fail because of the signs in the cosmos and the wonders and the signs on the earth. The noise of drums that beat for war. Do not listen to the sounds of fear or those who report it! Do not misread the signs lest you be fooled, for I tell you a truth, the elements shall be extreme, it shall be unusual and they will say “this is strange, we have not seen this before.” And God says let Me show off, let Me manifest the year of miracles, let Me force the media who have prognosticated and told enough lies. Now they shall have to report truth!

  • Don’t misread the signs and always remember God always has a redemptive plan.

  • Changing of the guards: Heaven will receive some generals and those who have stood for the ways of the Kingdom. And hell opens wide its mouth to receive leaders and those who were used as pawns of the enemy. 
  • Strange signs in the Heavens – Men will seek to explain, but will not be able.

  • Wonders on the Earth:

----There will be a release of greater miracles, miracles, miracles and sudden surprises for God’s people. 

----A year of miracles for many to see, and to discuss. "Miracles," they will say the word miracles and it will be seen on TV.  Miracles that they can’t explain will be reported in public.

----A year of surprises, sudden answers to prayers, and miracle breakthroughs for God’s people.


2014 – The Year of Extreme Weather and Extreme Events.
Extreme – the year of the extreme, strange, and unusual.
Prophecy spoken – 12/31/13 - Watch the signs, for the mountains will blow their tops, the floods will arise and cleanse the lands; great rain and downpours of rain shall cover many places where there has been drought as a sign that the heavens are opened. They will say it has thundered so loudly but there is no rain, it is because I will speak and men shall only hear as thunder. Then they will say "lightning, lightning, lightning, we have not seen the display of lightning like this before." God says this shall be the felling of satan; witchcraft falling.
Then they will say the earth is shaking, the earth is trembling, and the Spirit of God says I will tell you an unusual thing, they will say this in places that have no fault lines and I will do it to mess with the equations of men’s minds and the foolishness of those who trust in the flesh. Then I will cause the wind, the wind will blow in excess and be extreme, and hailstones of the size that will break records and men will say this is the end.
God says listen, I will show across the earth unusual weather. In places it does not snow, it will continue. In places where it has not rained it will rain. In places the earth should not shake, it will shake. These will be signs, but watch the sign of redemption. Double rainbows will appear and they will say “what is this? what is this? what is this?” and God says it is a sign of a promise that I have made of old that still stands in the earth today.
The elements will reveal global, regional, and city wide change and shifting’s of spiritual and natural climates.
Prophecy 10/20/13 - The Spirit of God says I have declared that there would be signs in the heavens and there would be wonders upon the earth. What do you see when you look upon the earth? What do you see when you look upon this nation? For very soon I will show this earth My glory in a way that they have not seen, but yet men misinterpret and misunderstand the signs. For as in the days of Methuselah, he was named that there was a judgment coming – a flood coming – yet they did not understand the sign. They did not understand that a redemptive plan, an ark would be for those who would believe and understand the times and the signs. So watch this nation and the nations of the earth for where it is North they shall say we have not seen weather like this, warm when it should be cold. And in the South they will say we have not seen weather like this for it should be warm at this time of the year but it shall be cold. And for a season upon this nation, men will look and they will say “what is happening? For this is strange!” Extreme cold – extreme heat, and then in the Plains a mixture of both.
God says do you know the season you are in? For I am showing this earth and this nation that there is a changing of the times and the seasons that I hold in the power of My hand. They will say it is erupted in this place; something has erupted, this too shall be a sign to those who understand. For there are always those who say that this is the judgment of God, but men speak as fools. Look to the signs in the heavens and to the wonders that are on the earth. Look to the Middle East. Look to the nations.
First six months of the year a spirit of fear will try to hit those who listen to it and misread signs in the cosmos and events of the earth. But in this see My redemptive plan and know I will separate My people from such things and even the affects of fear.
2014- Hidden things revealed and mysteries solved:
A strange thing to eat the flesh of man. Demonic, it is. Yet when this brings global fear, God will arise to help.  They will speak of plagues, yet God will speak in this year release, and accelerate medicine, medical breakthroughs, and answers given to bring cures.
Healthcare - another delay:
 ----Prophecy spoken 11/10/13 - For some even now have feared and said “Oh God what shall we do, for we have nothing that we can run to, not even a healthcare to run to.” God says, do not fear, for even a healthcare, it shall be delayed and then in time it shall fall and men shall say, “what is this and why is this taking place? What do we do now?”  The Spirit of God says, for in time I will yield and bring forth something that they did not know to bless the righteous and even the unrighteous as medical breakthroughs, discoveries, a transformation, and a reformation shall come and it shall be right by way of the medical.  Know that Abba cares and there will be a release of great power to heal as the Father gathers His children in His arms, says the Spirit of God!
2014 – America, Israel and the Nations:
Dates the prophetic words below were given are noted.
America -12/31/13 -  the Spirit of God has a plan to bring a reform. It is not coming by the prayers of many, for many have stopped praying and complained instead. But the few who have gathered together have arrested the attention of the Holy One of Israel and of this nation. So a light will shine to expose corruption/scandal, and there will be a sound in the streets and they will say “impeachment.” The Spirit of God says you do not understand what you cry out for. For in the midst of oppression did I not raise up a deliverer? The Spirit of God says I told you there is yet being prepared and even now prepared one who shall set this nation back on course. 

----9/20/13 - America. My spirit shall come upon this nation and a reformation shall surely come. Some stand and shake their fists and say “God when shall you judge this land?” The Spirit of God says I have given this nation a sign in the whale, for it has visited this nation before and shall visit this nation again, where in unusual places there were reports they have seen a whale. You say but O God this is ridiculous. The Spirit of the Lord says no, for it is a sign of Jonah. It is a sign unto this nation as men would scream judgment I remind you of grace that was given to Nineveh because of those who turned and cried out to God.

 You say “what about the economy?” What about it. “What about the government?” What about it. I have caused this nation to be positioned as it is positioned now to cause the few to cry out to seek My face, to hunger and to thirst for the moving of My spirit and a reform. So watch, I will raise up a deliverer to you, America, who will deal with the Bear, Russia, and China the Dragon; will deal with the events of the Middle East and change legislation that has been penned in arrogance by the hands of men in your nation, for a deliverer is coming.


----Exposure in the political - more political shakings. The sound of impeachment will echo through the land. Men will cry out to be free from such oppression. Remember, a deliverer is prepared and will arise in this land.

Cuba (12/31/13) - your government shall rumble and they will loosen their grip that has been put upon the people and those who have desired to come and to bring the light. Cuba, it's rumbling but the hand is being opened and they will say “what has happened? This is not the Cuba of old for its arms are opening and it's loosening its hold!” And God says, yes because I will set it free.
Venezuela (12/31/13) - the Spirit of God says I will unravel you because of the knot that was tied so tightly around you by Hugo Chavez of old. But there has been a prayer and a praying people. Now watch, Venezuela shall be unraveled and their oil will be released as a gift. 
China, Japan, the islands (12/31/13) - what is this that attention would arise? China and Japan shall seek to face off, and God says Ha! Your threats are bigger than your intent to follow through, but I will bring it to a place of diplomacy says the Lord.
Israel (12/31/13) - Do not insult Me says the Spirit of the Lord! For nations will seek to bring My leader Netanyahu to a table to give up land that is rightfully theirs. Do not insult Me to say that you will divide Jerusalem and set overseers of nations to govern. Israel, Jerusalem you will stand. Even now the Spirit of God says I speak to Netanyahu and say to you that you are My bulwark. You are My bulwark and have been anointed as David to deal with the threats of nations who stand poised like Goliath, but David had no fear and with the strike of his hand he took down his enemies. 
Iran (12/31/13) - listen to the word of the Lord. You shake the hands of the Bear, Russia, in secret and even now Russia you say “we are showing diplomacy and have come to the aid of Syria” and God says this is but foolish for it is I that shows a light over Damascus of Syria and I will show it again. For as the world looks and says “look at Russia for they are full of diplomacy” the Spirit of God says I will expose their other hand that is arming to bring harm to My people. God says I will not allow it.
Syria  (9/18/13) - The Spirit of God says let not your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid, for this moment I want to bring a hope, I want to reveal the future and tell you of an expected end. For at this moment, now satanic forces have gathered together and said “give us war!” and so they speak into the ear of Putin, Obama, Assad, and they say “go to war!” But the Spirit of God says, they forget that I am the Captain of the Hosts! I am the Lord of Armies and I have a say, I SHALL have My say for watch what will happen, I will stand in the middle of Israel and I will protect them on every side and I will deal with that which Syria has done to the children, for did I not say let a milestone be tied around the neck of those who touch the children; My patience is no longer their restraint.
So Syria, I, the Captain of the Hosts shall deal with you swiftly and shall not allow a preempting of war to bring the nations to what they would say and some would fear to be the next World War. God says no, let Me show you how I will deal with the arrogance of a Bear called Russia. Watch Me, says the Spirit of God, as in the days of Jehoshaphat, because of the Captain of the Hosts, the enemy ran. So I shall stand and I will watch over you, America. I will watch over My nations. I will watch over the nations and I will step in because in the moment of time very soon there are wars, yes, and there will be rumors of wars, these things I have said will come to pass. But I also said that this earth would be covered with My glory as the waters cover the sea.
Middle East (9/8/13) - A great revival; an awakening that shall take place in the Middle East and even into the earth. For the enemy has pushed hard to bring the nations to war, but I stand and I will decide what will take place. But know this, My glory shall be greater than any war that would seek to arise, says the Spirit of God.