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Housing and Economy

Pastor Hank Kunneman

February 1, 2006 – (The Housing market on sand will fall!)
I will cause there to be an economical explosion.  Do not be in fear.  Didn't I say that the house built upon sand would fall?  There has been this thing with housing and the market with housing that has escalated and gotten out of control.  So there will be a short sifting and a short shaking but do not fear.  I will bring wisdom to the ones in authority and they will cause this thing to steady out and to keep this nation and this economy from going back into the ways it was even 30 years ago."  The Lord says, "I have given you a sign.  One retired, another one appointed.  It represents a new season of leadership in the area of the economy."
November 15, 2000 – (Do not fear the shakings of OPEC, stocks, bonds and DOW.)
Do not fear what you will see. The shakings of OPEC nations.  The shaking in the areas of stocks and bonds and the Dow, too.  It is not a time to listen to what they would report on television.  It is an hour to hear from God.  Fear and the spirit of it have been released.
April 17, 2005 – (Watch the stocks, the DOW, the NASDAQ, and the oil prices.)
The Spirit of the Lord says, America , you have entered into a time where I will cause My grace and My hand to sweep over your nation.  “ America , you have entered into a time now where things will begin to change in the nation.” The Spirit of the Lord says, "Watch now the stocks, watch now the DOW, watch now the NASDAQ, and watch now the oil prices; even though it may not look like it.  You have entered into a time of an economical shift - an economical change. Many discoveries are now going to begin to be revealed over your nation.
January 1, 2008 – (Prophetic Perspectives Page OVM.)
The economy is on the heart of God as swift and significant changes are on the way. 
God is wanting to open our hearts and encourage us that He is on our side and intervening.  This time tomorrow it is changing.  God has not forgotten this economy; it is upon His heart!
·     Swift change for good concerning the economy. 
·     We have entered into a season where the war will begin to end which will revitalize the economy. 
·     The housing market will be given a boost and new programs to pull the market from the quick sand.
October 1, 2008 - (Things are about to change!)   
For surely God while we are embracing something they call a bailout, you look from the heavens and you laugh at man because that which is built upon sinking sand will not stand. The only thing that is true and solid is the Kingdom of God . But there will be a bailout and that which they will vote upon and approve and they will surely say this is the answer. I hear God laughing and saying watch what I am about to do and watch as new energy sources begin to come to this nation. Watch as I begin to show them that something is different and something is about to change. And when grace and favor, the promise, is seated suddenly things will begin to change.
The Spirit of God says do you hear the wind? Do you hear that which is happening right now in the wind? For it was upon the earth that 120 prayed and they cried out. God said there was a sound that came from the earth and so it is that I have heard the cries of the people who have fasted and prayed in this nation. And surely I, the Lord of Heaven, shall come suddenly upon this nation. Suddenly I will change the economy. Yes they will vote and yes they will approve, and they will say surely now we have rescued this nation. But God says I want you to know that suddenly when the next president is positioned, you will see this nation suddenly change. I will reward this nation and I will cause the gas prices to drastically drop and they will say that it changed suddenly in a day. God says watch what I do for the interest rates that have robbed many in this nation shall be brought even in some places to record lows. I’m going to do something for the homeowners that has never been done in this nation. I am about to show them that the ways they have robbed the people and the ways they have taken to fatten their own pockets shall surely be changed as the new president will begin to introduce a plan over this mortgage over this economy; watch what begins to take place it will suddenly change. Surely I will give this nation a sign for there will be sudden changes in the weather.
Sudden changes – you ask what are the changes? God says upon this nation do not fear for there will be great cold and a great winter in the United States in certain places they will have extreme cold and they will say surely with the gas prices, with the heating oil what are they going to do now? But God says suddenly it will change. Suddenly the temperatures around the nation will be drastic and will be an extreme year. Watch this winter and so there will be ice and they will say they are afraid of the ice and the storms. The Spirit of God says do not fear, but pray, for I will freeze that which the enemy has tried to do. I will stop and rebuke what the enemy has tried to do to cripple this nation, if you will lift up your voice as I warned you before about the winds, if you will lift up your voice God says you will not see it in this city. But the Lord says I look for those who will pray even in the Midwest that there shall not be the extreme cold and there shall not be the ice. But God says even in the nation you will see that this will mark sudden change.
Suddenly something shall happen, for God says I’m looking now to the month of November and I’ve told you before that in the month of October this month I have desired to open a window and have desired to open that which would begin by way of heaven, October 15th. You ask why that day? God says something is about to take place, a vindication is about to come forth and in the month of November they shall surely say what is this that has happened for God says I want to bring October into a day where I open the heavens and I open the windows and begin to show the suddenlies and in November I want this nation to give thanks. I want this nation to rejoice not only with the presidency but watch sudden surprises that shall take place that many will say, “wow look how fast it took place.”
January 1, 2007 - The Lord through crisis and events will cause the left and right to work together!                 
Through a series of crisis, upheavals, and conspiracies these events will lead to the Democrats and Republicans having to put differences aside and work together.  The Lord will use this current President, after a series of events will bring favor to him, to begin uniting the parties.  When Hurricane Katrina took place in this nation we saw television ads with Former Presidents George Bush Sr. & Bill Clinton working together in the midst of a crisis.  This was a prophetic sign of things to come.  Once again, through different sets of circumstances that will take place it will cause the left and right to have to agree!
April 17, 2005 – Oil Prices will drop and watch the DOW  
I will raise up your economy. The oil prices will begin to drop. Many say that it shall not be, but I will cause the price of oil to drop. I will raise up the economy. Watch the DOW. Some will say that it will dip, but watch what I do. I will begin to raise up your nation and a sign that I will do this is that there will be a feast at a table prepared before the presence of your enemies. There will be a rejoicing," God says, "in the land. The economy shall be raised up strong.