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Weather Prophecies

Pastor Hank Kunneman

Prophetic Words regarding the Weather.

Snow (1/20/08). The Spirit of God says I look to the earth as you have looked to Me and even today the snow has fallen once again upon the very soil of this city and upon the soil of this nation. I promised you that I would cleanse this nation even as David cried out and said “wash me o Lord whiter than snow.’ God says I told you before the snow would fall even before this season that it would be a sign to this nation and a sign to this earth that a time of cleansing has come.  So it has snowed upon this nation and snowed in Baghdad .  Did you see the connection?  For when the president went into the place of the East it snowed.  God says even in the heart of the nation, Omaha , it has snowed.  And even in the place of New York they have said it is record snow because I promised that I would begin to cleanse the area of New York before I seat the one who shall be seated in the White House.  And I have cleansed the heart of the nation even the city where you dwell.  Because as it goes with the heart it shall go with the nation.  And I have cleansed the place of Baghdad because something very significant is about to take place.

Wind: Speak to the Sky and to the Tornadoes (1/20/08). God says look to the wind and look to the sky.  For even now this spring in the months of April through the end of June shall be significant for the United States .  Many events shall take place and many things shall happen.  But even now look to the heavens and look to the sky and watch the wind.  Watch the storms.  Watch tornadoes.  For this shall be that which shall try to come upon the land with great fury, but I look to those who will stand as they stood in a boat and I rebuked My disciples and said did you not speak to the wind?  Where was your faith?  I call those who are summoned as watchmen over this city, watchmen over the Midwest , and watchmen over this nation to speak to the sky and speak to the wind now, that destruction shall not come to bring shame and sorrow.  For I want the nation to celebrate.  I want the nation to come into a season of victory.
                - Atlanta, GA - March 2008 severe winds and tornado hits Atlanta (CNN)
The elements are speaking: Wind, snow, fire, shakings, and floods. (12/16/07) The Spirit of the Lord says listen to Me, America , for when Elijah stood to hear the words of the Lord Most High, God was not in the fire, or the wind, or in the shaking.  But the Spirit of the Lord says listen now for there have been the elements that have been speaking in the midst of your nation.  There have been fires and winds, shakings and rains; there has been snow and there has been ice; and there have been floods.  For this is a sign unto this nation for I am speaking out of the midst of the elements.  For there has been wind and where there has been fire even upon the west of the United States, this is a sign to this nation that even as it was in the days of Pentecost and there was a wind and a fire that fell upon 120 in an Upper Room, do you see the wind and do you feel the fire?  For it is about to come once again to the United States of America and not by the elements but by My Spirit.
For the Spirit of God says that even the shakings that shall be heard about even in the days going into 2008 there shall be shakings in the United States and some have even said the fires were judgment, but the shakings are not a judgment against man for there is a shaking that is about to take place that you will hear about – it is the shaking of the hordes of hell and where the shakings shall take place in this nation once again I shall speak from the elements and I will say to this nation that the traditions of man and the philosophies of men and strongholds that have been upon this nation shall be shaken that a visitation may once again come to the United States.  Where there has been a flood there shall be great floods in the spring of 2008 and this too is a sign that I am raining down floods of righteousness.  The enemy has desired to bring persecution to the church and desired to strike and wound the church.
                - Tulsa - Road falls into water from heavy rains in Tulsa.  CNN 3/19/08
                - St. Louis, MO  – 3/20/08 - CNN News – heavy rains in St. Louis creates a waterfall.
                - Arkansas – 3/20/08 - CNN News - Arkansas creek overflows after heavy rain.
                -  Ohio – 3/20/08 – Extreme flooding in Ohio - CNN News
                - Indiana – 3/20/08 CNN News - Floods swallow buildings.
But the Spirit of God says when the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit shall raise up a standard and where you will see the floods in the nation this shall be a sign that a standard shall be raised against the enemy.  There will be floods of righteousness.  Look to the snow for it falls as a sign; for even David cried and said ‘Wash me O God and I will be whiter than snow.’ The Spirit of the Lord says it represents a cleansing.  Look to the place where it is snowing now in the nation.

Look to New York , is this not a sign? I must cleanse the New England states and the place of New York . (12/16/07) 

Storms break record in New England States – Weather – 2/28/08
Rare winter tornadoes across the south of USA – Associated Press News 2/6/08
The Spirit of God says look to Ohio Valley for this is a sign that it snows. I tell you there will be a battle in New York and there will be a deciding factor in the election that you are heading into.  Watch the Ohio Valley and the state of Ohio for the Spirit of God says this will be a deciding state and a deciding valley that shall position the one that I have appointed and raised up for this time.  Look to the elements for they are speaking to you America!
Snow: Ohio Valley - Record snow in Ohio Valley first time in 40 years – 3/08/08 AP News
It will snow greatly and in unusual places as a sign. This aired on TBN Praise the Lord program (9/24/07) by Pastor Hank Kunneman.
                - China , India , Middle East - Extremely cold, snowy winter. USA Today 3/7/08
                - Snow in Baghdad 1/11/08 - CNN News – First snow in memory!
                - Snow in Sahara Desert – October 2007 -
                - China snowfall – 3/08/08 – 11 consecutive days greatest snowfall – AP News 
                - Rare Middle East Snow Storm1/31/08 – New York Times.
                - Record Snow Ohio Valley – 3/08/08 – AP News
Snow in unusual places this winter and places it doesn’t usually snow. (9/20/07) I will give this nation a sign for I will speak by the elements and even this winter there shall be unusual snow that will be upon the land of America .  For where it does not snow, it shall snow and bring records.  In places that it snows God says it shall be in heat.  Other places will say they have not seen the snow fall and it is unusual.  God says on one side shall the nation be blanketed and it shall be as in the days of David when he declared “wash me and I will be whiter than snow.”  America do you understand that a cleansing is coming to you?  Do you understand the mystery that the enemy has wondered through the centuries “what is the meaning of this nation?”  The enemy has longed to see the mystery that I have seen.
                         - A Winter of Freaky Weather  03/18/08 - National Geographic News.
Shakings of the soil. (9/20/07) The Spirit of God says very soon in this nation shall you begin to feel the soil of this nation shake.  For it shall be shaken upon the West, it shall be shaken in the middle and it shall be shaken upon the East.  Men shall ask what is the meaning of the shakings that have begun.  The Spirit of God says it is not a judgment against those who have been unrighteous.  For there are those who have prognosticated and there are those who have called for judgment.  The Spirit says I have come to this nation and by the shakings, that you will see very soon, understand that the soil of the ground of your nation is being shaken. This shall be significant for when this takes place in the regions of this nation – the principalities and the powers that have held the region shall be shaken.
                - Illinois — 04/18/08 - Associated Press - A 5.4 earthquake early Friday rocked people awake as far away as Indiana, surprising residents unaccustomed to such a large Midwest temblor.
                - Earthquake (Illinois) - 04/18/08 USA Today - Tremors were felt hundreds of miles away. We found reports from people who felt the quake in Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Madison, Wis., Des Moines and near Atlanta.
This coming winter you will see record snowfall as a sign of cleansing.  (9/18/07) You will see this year that there shall be great cold; snow to cleanse the land.  For where it has not snowed before it shall snow as a sign.  Many shall tell it to go away as the nation is blanketed.  Even as David cried out and said wash me, I shall be whiter than snow.  God says there is a cleansing that is coming upon this nation.  Watch for the shakings.  Watch for the snow.  This is a sign unto this nation.