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By Brenda Kunneman

Face the Giants

[Monday, November 19]

“Don’t run from situations that would try to intimidate you, says the Lord. For the things that you run from will only continue to plague you again and again. So rise up and face the giants in your life, for you are well able to overcome them!”

Prophetic Scripture:

…Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it (Numbers 13:30).

When Israel had the opportunity to go up and possess the land the Lord gave them in Numbers 13, instead of welcoming the opportunity they shied away from it. They saw some giants in the land and were terrified to face them because they looked bigger and stronger. However, these enemies were certainly no bigger than the enemies they had faced previously back in Egypt. So it would appear that they had developed some kind of fear pattern that continued to plague them, and it kept resurfacing each time they faced a new challenge. Instead of being ready to face the giants, they responded in defeat. Caleb was the only one, besides Joshua, who was ready to go into the land and face the enemy (see Num. 13:30). He recognized they were able to do it!

This pattern of responding to challenges and enemies in fear, exhibited by Israel, is the same pattern we deal with today. The things you don’t address today will follow you into tomorrow. If you have been afraid to face the giants in your life, they will resurface in your future until you deal with them. Don’t let the giants of your past follow you anymore. Recognize that you are well able to face every giant today!


Father, I ask that You would help me to deal with every giant that has tried to plague my life. Help me identify them and then face them head-on so that I can embrace my future with freedom! In Jesus’ Name, amen.



Taken from The Daily Prophecy devotional book published by Destiny Image.  For a complete collection of Brenda Kunneman's daily prophecies, click here to order The Daily Prophecy.